Thursday, July 31, 2014

A beautiful bubble

I almost cried three times yesterday during the orientation at Discovery School. This educational environment screams Cara Shelton- a mission of respect, responsibility, relaxation, self-discipline, and fun. No standardized testing, no strict curriculum to follow, no pressure to use technology, no paperwork...I simply teach. The leadership trusts teachers and encourages tasking risks and being active. I even have stability balls as an alternative to chairs. What!?!?!?!?!?!

I picked up an extra class so I will teach six classes a day, 45 minutes each. Two 6th, two 7th, one 8th, and one 9th. My smallest class is 8 and my largest class is 13. Teacher friends... Are you jealous? You should be :) I also will be coaching track again and will travel to San Pedro Sula in October for competition. I have one lunch duty a week and one break duty... The kids get a 15 minute break everyday and 40 minutes for lunch.

Gloria, the secondary principal, said it very well yesterday... We live and work in a bubble. Our lifestyles and our school is not the reality of Honduras. These kids are privileged and so are we as educators. I am very aware that I will live in a bubble, but it is a beautiful one. My school is represented by over 20 nationalities and the entire staff, aside from me (sad face) is bilingual. I am working on it but it is so hard!!!! They genuinely support each other and work together and I feel at peace. I sit at my desk, with the breeze hitting my face, look at the organic landscape that surrounds my classroom, and feel blessed in my bubble.

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